Top 5 Wine Accessories Under $25

Top 5 Wine Accessories Under $25

Maybe it's your turn to host a dinner party, or maybe you're just having friends over for a drink (or five). And maybe... you're even a little worried about how the event will go.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Break out the bottles of wine and add some fun with our list of top five wine accessories under $25!

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#1 High Heel Wine Holder

Coming in at the number one spot is our personal favorite. This stylish high heel wine holder is sure to add some class to any countertop or table! It is also available in champagne and black!


#2 Rustic Chain Wine Holder

We absolutely love this rustic-looking wine holder. Not only does it appear to defy phyiscs, but it also looks amazing.


#3 Wine Guide Poster

This wine guide poster not only looks perfect in a frame, but tells you everything you need to know about wine. Study up before guests arrive and you'll be the life of the party!

#4 Stainless Steel Wine Rack

Stop using the old, wooden wine rack your parents gave you. This stainless steel wine rack adds a touch of modern to any space and displays up to three bottles of wine.


#5 Perky Wine Stopper

It pained us to put this lovable wine stopper so low on the list! In fact, we're going to be giving him away for 50% off.

He'll stop your wine from spilling, but certainly won't stop the party!


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